Playboy Rose

playboy rose

Picture of a Yellow Orange Rose

Playboy rose bush, one of the best multi colored roses. A beautiful orange rose with yellow and red shadings. If you like red and orange roses, or yellow roses with orange and red tips, and beautiful orange roses, 'Playboy' is the rose you should consider planting in your garden.

It's most popular, and best planted, in warmer climates where the bright yellow and orange flowers with red shades grow larger in size, and the intensity of the color is best attained.

The beautiful orange rose blooms are almost single, and open from clusters of pretty pointed buds to display their dazzling multi colored blooms and attractive stamens.

playboy rose

The flowers are about 3.5 inches across and centered with gold stamens. The bright blooms are a glowing combination of orange yellow that are shaded with red around the edge of each wavy petal.

The petals hold their orange yellow color surprisingly well, and shed their petals cleanly when the blossoms are faded. The clustered flowers have only a light, sort of sweet scent, but they are produced in abundance in late spring or early summer with quick repeat throughout the rest of the summer into fall.

The well foilaged slightly thorny canes have very shiny, dark green leaves that makes the bush look great even when it's not flowering.

Playboy rose has an upright bushy habit, growing a little below average height and width. This rose is not for color cautious people. The showy rose is a stunning sight in flower beds and borders that feature other hot-colored plants such as Cannas, Dahlias, yellow and orange Cosmos and Salvias.

Keep in mind that an orange rose in a white background looks smashing. How about growing some tall white Delphiniums as companion plants with these roses. I just adore orange and white planting combinations in a garden.

For a dramatic landscape accent, try it as a hedge in a mass planting, or use it to highlight and bring brightness to you foundation plantings.

'Playboy' is rarely bothered by disease. The rose was introduced by Cocker, UK, in 1976, and received the Portland Gold Medal in 1989. Zones 5-9, height 3-4 feet.

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The Playboy rose has glossy green foliage, which offsets the large, orange-scarlet semi-double blooms. Playboy roses bloom very profusely and are widely grown. It was a Gold Medal winner in 1989. The Playboy is an an inetesting addition to any rose garden.


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