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My Personal Rose Story

"Won't you come into my garden?
I would like my roses to see you."

Richard B. Sheridan- A famous English Poet, 1751-1816

I am Annelie Piccino and I am a Rosarian, and a member of the American Rose Society.

I have loved roses for more years than I can remember, and I created this Web Site about Rose Gardening.

This page About Me, is meant to introduce myself to you, my visitors, and give you an idea how this web site was created.

My interest and love for roses are rooted from my childhood, growing up in Sweden.

During the summers, when I was a child, my mother liked to visit the beautiful gardens of Royal Palaces, that would be open to visitors at certain times.

It was during those visits that I saw the most stunning rose gardens you can image, full of the most beautiful fragrant roses in all colors and interplanted with other flowers.

It all looked so enchanting to me; the memories from those times are some of my happiest.

about me

Me Among The Climbing Westerland Roses and the White 'Fabulous' Floribunda Roses

As a young girl in Sweden, I dreamed of creating such beautiful rose gardens for myself, some day when I grew up.

Before I planted a single rose, I began reading books about roses and rose cultivation even as a young child.

I have probably read most books about roses available, and that's a lot.

I still read books about roses, it's a subject I can't resist.

But it's my experiences, over many years, growing and cultivating roses, that has really given me so much happiness and joy, as well as a great knowledge of roses and their different flowering and growth habits.

I am also a very active member of the American Rose Society and of the Los Angeles Rose Society and give lectures about growing roses.

The vast majority of photographs and pictures of the lovely gardens and the beautiful roses on my Web Site were taken by me personally.

These are Home Gardens that I think are very special, in fact inspiring.

And that's my goal for this site, to inspire all of you and give you great ideas for growing roses in your own gardens, and help you do that with information about rose cultivation that is easy to understand.


Here is my husband Tony Piccino, and he loves roses just as much as I do. He is standing among the Crimson Bouquet Roses in Exposition Park's Rose Garden in Los Angeles.

about me

Here is a picture of my house and my front garden. Not all of my roses are blooming yet, but they sure were budding like crazy.

about me

Here is apicture of my backyard. The arbor was designed by me and built by my husband and son.

The 'New Dawn' climbing rose and 'Blaze' climbing rose are covering the arbor.

about me

The red rose is 'Morden Centennial' rose, it flowers with amazing energy during the summer. In the picture it's just getting started.

Next to it a 'Gertrude Jekyll' rose is planted in a pot with white allyssums. And an assortment of miniature potted roses.

Planting a brand new rose and watching it produce beautiful blooms and creating such beauty in my garden, that's what rose gardening is all about.

It's the greatest hobby in the world.

My Rose Web Site is meant to inspire you and help you grow roses with beautiful results, with the least possible effort.

Don't be afraid to experiment with planting situations in your garden; be creative and most of all have fun while rose gardening.

Please, feel free to Contact Me Directly, for any questions or suggestions regarding roses, by clicking on the "Ask Annelie" under my header. I would like to hear from you!

Sincerely, Annelie Piccino

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