About Planting Hardiness Zones

by PAT
(Cuernavaca, morelos, Mexico)

Dear Annelie,
My name is Pat and am writing to you from Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.

I would very much like your help regarding the definition of "zones" since it seems there is no place in the web where one may find a clear definition of this term when related to climbing roses, and I would like to know to what zone it is that Cuernavaca could belong to. Or are "zones" in this sense endemic to the US?

You see, I am taking as a new hobby the planting and growing of very tall climbing roses here, unfortunatly so far have not found any people who have the same interest.

There are plant growers, very good ones and Cuernavaca is worldwide known for producing quite a variety of exotic flowers and such, except climbing roses.

So whenever I go to visit any of them and ask them about a Mme Alfred Carrier or the Honorine de Brabant roses, or so .... they don't know what I am talking about.

At best they offer me castille roses or damask roses claiming these are climbing roses, and that is it.

So maybe I could buy them from you, provided you may ship to Mexico.

So thank you very much for your time and hope to hear from you.
Hello Pat,
Sorry but none of the garden nurseries that I am affiliated with will ship to Mexico.
Regarding the planting zones, they refer to the coldest temperatures a plant can withstand without suffering from winter kill.
Climbing roses and hybrid tea roses are much more vulnerable to cold winters than shrub roses.
For example, most climbing roses will not survive winters with more than -10 degrees Fahrenheit. That would be hardiness zone 6.
I suggest you contact the Mexican Rose Society for help with climbing roses that will survive winters in your area in Mexico.
I am not familiar with the area at all.
Planting zone maps are not provided for types of roses such as climbing roses, just for all roses.
Mme Alfred Carrier is an old Noisette rose and as such is a cold tender climber.
The Honorine de Brabant is an old Bourbon rose and they are relatively winter hardy.
Please get in touch with the Mexican Rose Society they will be happy to assist you and tell you what hardiness zone you area is. It's all about the winter temperatures.
Best Regards,

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