Abraham Darby Rose

David Austin's English Rose

Abraham Darby rose bush, a very popular English rose by David Austin, the famous English rose expert, who introduced roses with the old fashioned look, such as 'Abraham Darby'.

It's also one of the most beautiful of the peach colored roses with huge double, cupped flowers, packed with petals, and up to 6 inches across blooms.

The lovely flower colors varies from a rich peachy pink in cooler areas, to lighter apricot pink in warmer climate zones.

The flowers appear in small clusters and they have a strong wonderful rose fragrance.

The late spring flowering is overwhelming with loads of flowers covering the plant.

There is a good repeat of blooms from early summer to late fall.

Abraham Darby Rose
Growing Information

This readily available English rose is earning lots of praise for its strong, robost growth, healthy, disease resistant foilage, very strong fragrance, and the power of rebloom.

In northern regions, and sub zero climates zones 5 and above cold hardiness may be a problem, so take appropriate pre-cautions, such as providing great winter protection.

The foilage is a healthy with large, leathery, deep green leaves and plenty of large, pretty red prickles.

Some rust has been observed on this rose, so be forewarned if this tends to be a problem in your area.

I garden in Los Angeles, Southern California, and rust isn't a problem here, at least not in my area.

Flowers are produced throughout the growing season with such a regularity, it's amazing.

In warmer areas of the country, this rose cultivar can grow to six feet tall and wide.

abraham darby rose

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Although classified as a shrub rose, 'Abraham Darby's' long arching canes makes it much more suited as small climber, especially in the warmer areas such as Florida and the Gulf Coast.

This rose actually does very well in that region.

It can easily be grown in a large container with a trellis inserted for a sunny balcony or patio, where you could really enjoy the lovely fragrance of this rose, as well as being able to admire the gorgeous large blooms close up.

It's moderately resistant to disease, but can be susceptible to rust in certain areas, prone to it.

The rose was named after one of the founders of the Industrial Revolution.

The American Rose Society rates this rose 8.0. Ten being the very best, so it's a highly rated rose.

It was introduced by David Austin, UK, in 1985. Zones 6-9, height 8-10 feet.

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