Adding Rose Plants For My Garden in California. Looking for suggestion.

by Anindita
(Fremont, CA)

QUESTION: I am looking for roses which stay longer( hold the flower longer) in the plant.

Ones which has exhibition form and fragrance:) and very disease resistant
any color

Please suggest 4 plants in each hybrid tea, grandiflora,floribunda and miniature rose.

I live in california.

I already have Double delight, Day Breaker, Cherry Perfait(doing very good), Ebb tide and Julia child (doing very good) I do not have any minis yet.


ANSWER: Hi Anindita! The rose types with exhibition forms are hybrid tea roses and grandiflora roses.

Floribunda and mini roses do not have that perfect rose flower shape.

Also mini roses have no fragrance.

I recommend Mister Lincoln rose.

It's red super fragrant rose that holds it flowers very long. One of my favorite roses.

Another choice could be the beautiful Queen Elizabeth rose, a grandiflora rose with exquisite flower florm, fragrance and holds the blooms well.

If you would like a floribunda that flowers constantly, I love the Iceberg rose.

It's a white lightly fragrant rose, that is super good. Hold the flowers very well also.

White rose bushes makes your garden pop, so add some to your flowerbeds.
Best Regard,

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