Advice On Climbing Rose Selection
For A New Arch, Arbor And Garage Side And Against Fence

by Ian Henderson
(Lanarkshire, Scotland)

QUESTION: Hi There--Your help and advice would be most welcome.

I live in West central Scotland (lanarkshire) and am keen to plant a variety of Climbing Roses --as disease resistant as you can offer, but also quick to establish.

I assume that ramblers aren't recommended.

I like your "blaze" for e.g Arch or Arbor--although the Arbor would be shaded for fair part of the day.

I have to the rear of a long rectangular back garden, a wooden arch, and some 10ft behind an Arbor backed by a vertical slat wooden fence (shady as trees behind from adjacent garden).

Garden is north west facing.I also have a long run of 2M slatted fence and some trellis which i would like to clothe with at least a few roses.

Last is a garage(concrete) but painted chocolate brown.

There is no planting medium at base of garage side as a solid path runs along it's length--can you suggest something that could perhaps be grown in a container--mind you we's need to step round container!--1m wide buff slabs edged by lawn--so can step onto lawn.

I would also like to plant a.s.a.p as I'm currently off work--or do you suggest leaving until spring? i would like some growth/colour next summer (2011).

Colours--Red(e.g. Blaze), yellow, orange, Pink, white (I always likes Queen Elizabeth--floribunda--is there a climbing variety)?

I really would appreciate your help and some ideas.

Thanks very much in the interim

Ian Henderson

ANSWER: Hi Ian! As you might know I am located in the USA, and my suppliers do not ship overseas. It would also be too expensive for you.

I recommend David Austins English Roses for you.

Not only do they have a wonderful selection of climbing roses, but these roses are very much suited for your climate.

I don't recommend planting the climbing variety of Queen Elizabeth hybrid tea rose, because it flowers so poorly.

Just google David Austins roses and they will help you with your climbing roses that you can plant now.
Best Regards,

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