America Climbing Rose

Growing Information About Climbing America Rose

America climbing rose is a modern climbing rose, and a . It's almost unknown outside the US though.

Climbing America rose has very fragrant double rose flowers that resemble the shape of hybrid tea roses at first.

What I like the most about this climber is the delicious strong rose scent of the beautiful flowers.

america climbing rose

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The blooms come in small clusters of 4-5 flowers on each stem and they are salmon pink, fading to pink as they age.

It's a repeat flowering climbing rose, but it's a bit late to bloom the first time.

Many climbing roses don't flower well the first season, as they spend most energy on growing long canes, from where the short lateral flowering canes grow.

It's a sturdy moderate climber with healthy, semi glossy medium green foilage.

If you need help with training the climbing rose America, check out my tips for how to train climbing roses on this page.

Winter hardy to zone 6. Height: 9.8 feet tall.


Mature Plant Height: 9 feet to 12 feet.

Bloom Size: 3.5 inches to 4.5 inches.

Bloom Time: midseason, repeats.

Fragrance: moderate, sweet scent.

Year Introduced: 1976.

Awards Won: AARS 1976.

American Rose Society Rating: 8.3.

This fabulous climbing rose was introduced by Warriner in 1976 during the US bicentennial celebration.

Climbing 'America' rose is a consistent, proven, award-winning performing rose.

The large, well-formed flowers, repeat often, and they have an intensely spicy fragrance that you will love.

I also like the color of this climber. There are very few, if any, climbing roses that have this nice salmon coloring.

In fact I can't think of any at the moment.

It would look lovely planted with a purple clematis vine. In fact it would look stunning.


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