American Beauty Rose Flower

Picture Of The American Beauty

The American Beauty rose flower, famous for it's success in the cut-flower industry, has been transitioned into the home gardens, some time ago.

Here is some detailed information on the American Beauty rose and it's growing habit.

american beauty rose

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The 'American Beauty' is exceptionally beautiful and fragrant.

The rose bush produce round shaped buds that open into large, pink-carmine colored rose flowers. The roses have blooms that are formed by 50 rose petals.

The long and stiff stems and the strong rose fragrance are the reason for it's commercial success as a cut flower.

The flowers repeat bloom in late summer and fall.

American Beauty rose flower is a favorite with home gardeners in warm climates, who grow this rose for the scent and for American Beauty rose bouquets.

If you have a cutting garden , or are planning to have one, this rose should be on your list to buy.

These roses growing in containers do very well, just make sure the pots are large enough.

It's compact enough to look lovely on a patio or a small garden.

Care Of American Beauty Rose

FAQ: How do I care for American Beauty roses? Since it can have problems with blackspot and rust in certain areas, start applying the baking soda solution early in the season, when the new foilage is emerging.

The receipe for the non-toxic baking soda solution can be found on this site under rose diseases.

It has been proven to be just as effective as chemical toxic sprays to prevent black spot on roses.

Removing spent flowers will encourage new flowering and more blooms.

Pruning is done late winter or early spring, depending on where you live.

This is an old rose, so it should be pruned accordingly.

When young, give these roses (all old roses and wild roses) a year or two with no pruning, except to remove dead and diseased wood as close to the base as possible.

After a couple of years you can trim the roses to shape them.

You do not have to cut these roses back, unless you want a smaller bush.

However, you will have more blooms and a more attractive rose bush if it's allowed to grow to it's natural shape.

After about 4-5 years, you can remove some of the oldest and least productive canes close to the base of the plant.

This will encourage new canes to emerge that will be producing lots of blooms.

Roses that receives regular water and fertilizer will reward you with lots of flowers and beauty. Zones 5-10, height 3-4 feet.

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