Angel Face Climbing Rose

Climbing Angel Face Floribunda Rose

Angel face climbing roses was introduced in 1981 and is a sport of 'Angel Face' rose.

'Angel Face' has beautiful lavender/lilac blooms that are very fragrant and have charming ruffeled edges.

It is exactly like the 'Angel Face' bush for, but larger.

The climbing 'Angel Face' has slightly larger flowers.

It starts flowering early in the season and very profusely.

Then it has lesser flower flushes until fall.

This is a floribunda climbing rose so the flowers arrive in clusters which is typical for floribundas.

For a very beautiful flower border, plant some purple and white perennials or rose bushes around this climber.

It is especially effective if the climbing 'Angel Face' is trained on a wall or fence with a flowerbed in front.

Angel Face Climbing Rose

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ORIGIN: Haight, USA, 1981

FLOWERING: Very well at first, then intermittently

HEIGHT/SPREAD: 9.8 feet tall (3 m)/6.6 feet wide (2 m)

Growing Information: This rose would be beautiful growing up against a white support.

Either a white arbor, trellis or fence. It can also be grown climbing up against a facade of a house, or around a picture window.

The house should be white painted of course.


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