Angel face Rose, Angel Face Floribunda Rose

Angel Face Rose

Angel Face Floribunda Rose

Angel Face Rose bush is a beautiful modern cluster- flowered floribunda rose, and my very own favorite lavender purple rose flower.<.p>

'Angel Face' has been highly popular in the USA for about 30 years, so rose 'Angel Face' has a proven track record in the gardens.

This is one of the most fragrant of roses, and it has won prizes for fragrance alone.

The blooms are actually large for a floribunda, and comes in clusters of up to nine flowers.

Maintaining angel face floribunda rose is a breeze since it is resistant to most common rose diseases.

It is a winner of AARS Rose Award of 1969. Below is an excellent rose photo of this rose.

Although the color can be a lot more blue/lavender in warm climates.

It's better suited for warmer climates, because it needs a lot of sun to bring out the color tone to it's fullest.

So plant this beautiful rose in the most sunny spot in your garden


Growing Information

This rose looks it's very best when growing with dark purple roses and add a white iceberg rose as well for a stunning garden display.

angel face rose

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Color and Form

'Angel Face' is a rose with a lush but compact form perfect for a smaller garden, balcony or patio. It will also work beautifully in a large container.

The flowers are an unusual lavender-blue with streaks of deep pink, even burgundy shades which gives them a luminous, mauve cast.

Up to 4 inches across, the flowers have ruffled petals in an open, spreading form that showcases their sunny yellow centers when fully opened.

As with most floribunda roses , the blooms of 'Angel Face' usually grow in fragrant clusters, although some will surprise you and mature as single flowers on one stem.

The unique flowers are framed by dark green leathery leaves with a bronze overtone.

A heavy bloomer, 'Angel Face' will reward you with repeat waves of stunning lavender roses as you remove spent flowers.

Where To Plant Angel Face Rose

Like I previously mentioned, plant it in a very sunny spot to bring out the best coloring.

The short, dense habit makes it an excellent choice for a border or low hedge.

Why don't you plant a row of Angel Face roses along the lenght of a driveway or a walkway for a line of colorful blooms that will soften the hard edge of concrete and asphalt.

You can also use the lush foilage as a backdrop for a garden of spring-blooming bulbs, or as a background for a bed of bright summer flowers.

Companion Plants For 'Angel Face'

Some of the best companions for 'Angel Face' are flowers that provide color when the rose is not in bloom.

Show off the lavender petals by planting them next to solid-colored flowers in shades of white, pink or blue.

Spring bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils, provide vibrant, early season color just when 'Angel Face' are growing its first leaves.

Summer-flowering shrubs, such as blue, pink or white hydrangeas, make beautifully companions for this rose.

Alternatively, you can also plant blue petunias, pink impatiens, and pale blue ageratums at the base of Angel Face rose.

Special Features

  • Flowers all summer
  • Good repeat blooms
  • Very fragrant
  • Disease resistant
  • Good for cutting
  • Needs full sun
  • Fertile, well drained soil
  • Height 3 feet, spread 2 feet
  • Zones 3-8

Pruning 'Angel Face' Rose

Floribunda roses should never be pruned hard. Just prune off a 1/3 of last years growth, otherwise practice time-tested basic rose pruning

The rose bush needs time to build up a framework, so only prune it lightly in the beginning.

But once established it will continue to bloom with abundance without interuptions in warm, mild climates.

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