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antique rose garden

Antique Roses
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Many people want to create their own antique rose garden, because they are fascinated by the nostalgic history of antique roses and antique climbing roses.

And then there is the other big reason people are in love with these vintage antique roses, they are heavely perfumed with the most divine rose fragrance.

You just can't stop sniffing the antique roses growing in your garden, their scent is so intoxicating.

antique rose garden

'Felicite Parmentier' Rose

'Felicite Parmentier'rose, an old antique Alba rose from pre-1834.

A compact rose bush, sturdy and slightly sprawling rose, with an abundance of grayish green foilage.

The magnificient sweetly scented blossoms make superb cutting flowers.

This antique rose is ideal for a small garden, especially an antique rose garden, or even for containers, and is happiest with partial afternoon shade.

It even does well in poor soil.

The strong perfume and it's disease resistance make it a great landscaping plant. Zones 4-9. Height 4 feet(1.2m).

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Maidens Blush (Rosa Alba),a lovely antique French alba rose , sweetly scented, from 1797. It is a fine tall shrub suitable for a cottage garden. Zones 4-11.

Antique Climbing Roses

I happen to love antique climbing roses.

Their fragrance is superb, and they bloom with an abundance and put on such a showstopping flower show every spring early summer, it can take your breath away.

Below is a picture of 'Belinda', an antique climber from 1838.

I particularly like this pink climber because it is not overly agressive as some antique climbing roses can be, especially the ramblers.

antique rose garden

Below is another antique climbing rose that I really like.

It's Zepherine Drouhin rose. I recommend this rose for it's wonderful display of roses.

It is also virtually thornless which makes it easy to train and care for.

antique rose garden

There is definitely something very special about growing and cultivating the very same old antique garden roses as the Empress Josephine was growing in her magnificent garden at her Chateau Malmaison outside Paris.

The antique rose garden at Malmaison is still being maintained and this is a very popular tourist destination in France.

antique rose garden

Louise Odier (Rosa Bourbon), an old antique Bourbon rose from France, 1851. A reliable repeat bloomer, this is one of the most floriferous of the Antique Garden Roses. The rich perfume scent of the flowers, held on long stems, makes this an excellent cut flower. This rose is a valuable addition to a flower border. Zones 4-10. Height 5 feet.

When you decide to have an antique rose garden, and plant roses from the past, you plant a piece of history, or even re-create history.

Many of these old antique roses where grown during the Roman Time and before.

The flowers are incredibly fragrant and have an old-fashioned charm and elegance that is unsurpassed.

They are also known for being easy to care for, having grown for centuries without any spraying or modern care.

There are antique roses for every garden and landscape situation.

I particularly adore the old Ramblers that grow over everything from porches and doorways, roofs and even into trees.

Hedges of Rosa Rugosa or Rosa Mulliganii make wonderful fragrant boundary plantings; and Old Albas or Gallicas add beauty and color in any antique rose garden during the spring season.

antique rose garden

'Marchesa Boccella' rose, an old antique hybrid perpetual rose from France 1842. This rose is sold as 'Jacques Cartier, in the USA but must be exhibited as 'Marchesa Boccella'.

The very fragrant blooms are produced repeatedly from mid-summer to late autumn.

It is an upright, sturdy shrub to 4 feet (1.2m) high. The foilage is light green when young, deepening to a blue-green with age; it is sometimes crinkly.

This excellent rose is great in a flower bed and also makes a fine hedge. Zones 4-9. Height 4 feet(1.2m).

Fragrance is an important consideration, particularly when growing antique old roses near windows, doors, pathways or outdoor living areas such as patios, decks or balconies.

There is something very special about a garden filled with antique roses and delectable perfume wafting in the air.

antique rose garden

'Alba Semiplena'rose, an antique Alba rose from pre-1600, it was introduced into the UK by invading Roman armies and shares the honor with the simple white Alba as the White Rose of York. However, the origins of the Albas are lost. Michael Gibson, an English rosarian, puts it on his list of favorite roses. The nearly single blooms with large anthers, the largest of the Albas, have a sweet scent and pure white flowers. The attractive sage green leaves and autumn hips adds interest into winter. Zones 3-4, Height to 7 feet.

As more and more gardeners are discovering these antique roses from the past, there has been a surge of interest in old rose cultivation and in the creation of an antique rose garden.

antique rose garden

'Leda' rose, a painted antique Damask rose from pre- 1827. It was named for the mythological queen 'Leda', who was seduced by Zeus when he appeared in the form of a swan. The foilage is dark green, downy and semi-glossy on a shrub about 3 feet (1m) in height. If pruned of old wood after flowering, this hardy, disease resistant rose, will produce highly perfumed flowers late spring with some repeat later in the summer. Zones 4-10, Height 3 feet (1m).

So if you want to create a piece of history in your garden, check out some of the antique old heirloom rose varieties still being cultivated in an antique rose garden.

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