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Antique roses for a garden. The best antique climbing roses, with pictures and information about old vintage garden roses and gardening tips to create a garden with old roses.

And even 'antique' roses for the south, that's what this page is all about.

So what constitutes an old rose?

The American Rose Society defines as old any rose that was introduced before 1867, but rose collectors go by the 100 year mark.

But technically an old, antique rose is any rose introduced prior to 1864.

That was when the first modern hybrid tea rose was introduced.

Some of these 'antique roses', such as the gallica rose, alba rose, and damask rose were grown in Biblical times.

Old roses are valued for their history and lore, and especially for their rich fragrance.

They usually have large, abundant berrylike rose hips (fruits) in late summer and fall.

Most flower heavily, just once a year in June or so, with old-fashioned looking blooms with lots of petals.

Antique Old Garden Rose Varieties

For detailed information about any of these antique old roses, just click on the headlines under each picture

antique roses Zephirine Drouhin Antique Climbing Rose

antique roses Sombreuil Antique Climbing Rose

antique roses Mermaid Antique Climbing Rose

antique roses Sally Holmes Antique Climbing Rose

antique roses Ballerina Antique Shrub Rose

antique roses The Rugosa Hansa Rose

antique roses Antique Fantin Latour Rose

antique roses

Blush Noisette Rose

antique roses Jacques Cartier Rose

antique roses Marie Pavie Rose

antique roses Antique Moss Rose Rose

antique roses Lady Banks Climbing Rose

antique roses Rosa Canina

antique roses Rosa Foetida Bi-Color

antique roses
Rosa Mutabilis

antique roses Rosa Variegata Di Bologna

antique roses Rose De Rescht

antique roses Wild Roses

One sure sign to look for is the unforgettable true rose perfume that lives on in undiluted form in most antique old roses.

So if you come across a rose, and you want to know if it's an antique one, just smell those rose blooms, to find out.

Categories of old roses include the following: Bourbon and hybrid perpetual roses where favorites of the Victorians; China and tea roses were imported from China two centuries ago; and moss roses were so named for their fascinating missy twigs, leaves and flower buds.

If you are interested in more rose history, be sure to visit my page about Napoleon and Josephine and their passion for roses that drove the demand for rose cultivation in Europe.

Pruning Requirements For Antique Old Roses

Antique old garden roses have certain pruning needs that you should learn, so your old roses will bloom and thrive in your garden the best way.

The link above will take you to a detailed page that shows you how to prune these old roses. It's not hard you just need to know it.

Furthermore, antique old vintage roses are, for the most part, superiour garden shrubs.

Old roses have an inherent beauty and form that will never diminish over the years.

Another feature of old roses lies in the blossom colors.

Old rose colors are more muted than most modern hybrids, tending to be more pastel.

More than ten thousand rose varieties were introduced during the period between 1804 and 1935.

Only a small number of the thousands antique rose varieties are still in commerce today.


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