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Lots of arbor designs for arbor with a bench, arbor and trellis design for white wood garden gates, rose arbors, New England arbor, red cedar arbors, trellis arbors, wedding arbors, grape arbors and metal garden arbors.

The word arbor in Latin means tree, and they are intended to provide shade. Of course, arbors are also a stunning visual feature in a garden, especially if the arbor is covered with roses

Most garden arbors are free standing, but some are attached to a fence, or trellis.

An arbor that is very beautiful has added trellises that flank the posts.

Other designs for arbors have arched tops, or a gate that swings between the posts, and an arbor with a bench is also very popular.

And pergola arbors are great for patios. They can also be used to cover an outdoor spa.

Arbors can also be used for a garden wedding, where the bride and groom stnds under it while exchanging wows.

arbor designs

A Rose Covered Arbor With Fence Design

Wether you like metal garden arbors, wood arbors, rustic arbors or red cedar arbors, make sure the arbor design you choose fits the style of your home and landcape.

Garden Arbor Designs Tips

  • Is positioned along a pathway or open space
  • Built to an appropriate scale for the yard and home
  • Connected to the landscape through plantings such as roses, or attached to trellises, fences, or other garden structures.
  • Securely anchored to the ground, so winds wont topple it.
  • One that makes you want to walk through it.
  • Gives structure to your landscape
  • A focal point that beckon you through along a path

Arbor and Trellis Designs
Examples of Arbor Designs

Front Entries: My favorite way to use an arbor is as front entries. It adds charm and character to the front of your home.

But it must be tall enough, at least 76 inches tall and also wide enough. A minimum of 3 feet wide, but 4-5 feet would be better, so 2 people could walk through it.

A wider arbor also makes it more convenient to bring something through it.

With Fences: Combining an arbor with a fence visually anchors the arbor, which could look a bit lonely sitting all by itself in an open space.

It's also a great way to use it as an entrance to your backyard, or to an herb garden.

Tunnel Arbors: I fell in love with tunnel arbors when visiting a public garden in Paris.

They are simply enchanting and add such drama to a garden.

It's best use is over a garden walk or path. Tunnel arbors are mostly made of metals, and look lovely trained with climbing roses.

Rustic Arbors: Rustic arbors made of sturdy branches with the bark still attached adds a rustic charm to a wooded landscape or in the country.

It's an arbor style very popular in Western settings, or with log cabins

arbor designs Bamboo Arbor

arbor designs Three-Bell Arbor

arbor designs Dublin Arbor

arbors designs London Arbor

arbor designs Serrano Arbor

arbor designs Tuscany Arbor

arbor designs Fairfield Arbor with Trim

arbor designs Nantucket Arbor with Trim

arbor designs Casablanca Arbor

Arbor With Bench

An arbor with a bench either attached to it, or free-standing under the arbor, creates a small moni environment.

It's a place to have a quiet converation and some solitude.

arbor designs

6' Traditional Arbor with Full Seat

arbor designs 6' Traditional Arbor with Bench

arbor designs 4' Traditional Arbor with Full Seat

Arbors With Gate

If you want to position your arbor as an entrance to your front yard, it makes sense to to have an arbor with a gate.

A gate adds a bit of security and keeps pets and kids out of yard.

arbor designs Diamond Finial Arbor with Gate

arbor designs Eucalyptus Arch Arbor with Gate

arbor designs Greenwood Park Arbor and Gate Set

More Designs For Arbors

arbor designs Victoria Arbor

arbor designs Athens Arbor

arbor designs Arbor/Planter Boxes


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