Arbor Designs

Because rose covered arbors are among the most dramatic of garden features.

It is therefore important that you take great care in selecting a style, that fits your homes architecture and look.

For example, if your house is a charming cottage, go for the picket fence and a romantic style to match the fence and the charm of the house.

Or maybe your live in a spanish hacienda style home; build one that has the look and feel of that style.

This is very important, because if you get the right match you will have created a wonderful accent to your garden that you and everyone will love.


You should also take a certain amount of time in placing one

and finding the right spot in your garden for it.

They make such a strong statement that everyone will notice if it's placed akwardly or wrongly.

The garden structure is a threshold, and you should place it where it invites you into, or out of the garden.

It should be over a path or walkway, and at a garden entrance or exit.


Check Out These Beautiful Designs

It also must be sufficiently high and wide enough to accomodate the rose trained over it.

In general allow a minimum height of about eight feet to the structures highest point, and a width of five to six feet.

When selecting a climbing rose keep in mind that the foilage is as important as the flowers.

Stiff-caned, woody climbers may look fine on a fence or a wall, but they are hard to train gracefully over curves or corners such as Garden Arch.

Instead, choose the more flexible Noisette roses ( warm climates only), climbing teas and various ramblers.

Some of the newer climbing varieties such as 'New Dawn' rose, 'Blaze' rose, Climbing 'Cecile Brunner' or Climbing 'Iceberg' are great for training up and over garden structures as is the pink 'Pierre de Ronsard', the rose featured on this arbor below.

White Painted Traditional Style


This lovely white painted wooden type is covered by the pink 'Pierre de Ronsard' climbing rose.

This rose is also known as 'Eden' rose.

The arbor is very traditional and would be equally at home in a cottage garden or a more formal garden like the one in the picture.

Metal Arches


The picture above shows a metal style with the 'Pierre de Ronsard' rose, or 'Eden' rose, trained over metal arches.

They are great because they do not require any maintenance, such having to be painted.

Beautiful 'Outdoor Arbors' For Sale!

Click on the highlighted link above for Lots of pictures of Garden Structures for sale.



This wonderful cottage type home is surrounded by a charming rose covered white picket fence.

The light pink roses rambling over the fence is the polyantha rose , climbing Cecile Brunner.

Rustic Styles


Here a rustic wooden type structure is covered with the charming and fragrant 'Blush Noisette' rose, which blooms with profusion all summer and into fall.

This rose is for warmer climates only, as it is cold tender. Rustic wooden structures creates a country garden feel and are also low maintenance. No Painting!

Rose Covered Patio


Here is a patio that is covered in roses by Climbing Cecile Brunner.

It is a very popular climber. It has been growing in this spot for many years.

This is an excellent example of a rose covered patio.

I have a similar patio cover that is covered with the climber 'New Dawn' rose. It is a little less vigorous.

Arbor With Gate


This picture shows a very attractively wooden structure with a gate and a matching fence.

It really gives this property a lovely curb appeal.

The yellow climbing rose is 'Golden Showers', sharing room with a grape vine.

The pink rose on the matching fence is 'Eden' rose, syns. Pierre de Ronsard' rose.

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