Are My Roses Dead?

by Paige
(Bakersfield, ca)

I planted my roses, Sheila's Perfume, about a week ago April 28th.

I mixed in Gardner&Bloome organic harvest supreme in the soil.

My Gardener had set up a drip system, but the next day they looked dried out and on the verge of dying.
So I took the drip system out and started watering them in the early morning and late evening.

Now they look even worse, the leaves are crispy as well as the actually flower.

Please help! Also, they do get full sun throughout the day. What can I do are they completely dead?

Hello Paige

Most likely, the gardener, if he was the one who planted the rose, didn't give it enough water to start with, so the rose is now going into shock.

That's what is happening.

The rose was so starved of water and wasn't given enough when it arrived.

Drip systems are not very good for a newly planted rose.
They rarely provides enough moisture in the early stage.
Most gardeners do not know how much water newly planted roses need to get off to a good start.

Only time will tell if your roses will survive.

Bakersfield is tough area to grow roses. Very alkaline soil with very little nutrients and dry soil.
Deep watering daily will be critical.
Also many roses do not like hot weather and alkaline soil.
You will have to baby this hybrid tea rose for sure.
Best of luck.

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