Aromatherapy Rose Bush

aromatherapy rose

Aromatherapy Hybrid Tea Rose

The pink Aromatherapy hybrid tea rose bush flowers are so fragrant, it's rose oil extracts are made into essential oil for perfumes and rose water.

The rose Aromatherapy is a vigorous bush, and it produces several rich pink flowers on each stem, which is unusual for a hybrid tea.

It's a prolific bloomer for the entire rose season.

The blooms are long lasting and they have an intense fruity rose fragrance.

The rich pink rose flowers are fantastic for arrangements.

aromatherapy rose

The growth habit is upright and bushy, and the foilage is medium, with dark green, semi-glossy leaves.

When planting this hybrid tea rose, keep in mind that hybrid tea bushes have lower branches that are bit bare of foilage.

Therefore, I always underplant my hybrid tea roses with low-growing perennials with non-invasive roots.

A hardy geranium, such as the rozanne variety, is perfect for this rose.

The blue colors of the "rozanne" will look simply stunning with this classic pink hybrid tea rose.

Another way is to plant it in a mixed flowerbed with perennials, the way the English do it, and they do that so well.

I also like hybrid tea roses to be planted surrounded by clipped boxwood in a circle, or with the boxwood planted in front of them to hide their "bare lower legs".

The Aromatherapy rose is also cherished as a cut flower and the intense fruity rose fragrance will perfume a whole room.

Zones 5-9, height 5-9 fet tall.

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