Award Winning Rose Bushes

AARS Rose Winners Choice Awards

Here are the award winning rose bushes for the last five years. The AARS rose winners were selected by the members and only the highest rated rose per year won.

Just to make things clear for you, rose gardeners, these are the American Rose Society "Members Choice Award".

The rose award honors the rose introduced within the last five years.

All these outstanding rose bushes received the highest garden rating score in "Roses In Review".

It's a survey open to all participating members of AARS, including me.

So the list of the names of roses with awards below, was the result of the their absolut highest rating score.

Only one rose per year is the actual winner.

So if you are looking for the best roses to grow in your garden, these are the roses you should plant for sure.

The reason these roses got high scores was for disease resistance, non-stop flowering all season, and beautiful growth habit and easy of care.

Those kind of qualities are what rose gardeners want in their roses.

Before I purchase any new rose bush, I check for the American Rose Society's rating before buying any garden roses.

I recommend you do the same. That way you will have a rose that has been proven to be healthy and vigorous.

AARS Rose Winners Per Year


I Am A Proud Member of The American Rose Society

Here are the winners year by year for the last 5 years.

2004: Knockout, shrub rose, red blend, single, 1999.

2005: Gemini, hybrid tea, pink blend, 25- 30 petals, 1999.

2006: Bees Knees, hybrid tea, mini, yellow blend, full, 1998.

2007: Hot Cocoa, floribunda, russet, full, 2002.

2008: Not awarded.

2009: Julia Child, floribunda, medium yellow, full, 2005.

2010: Home Run, shrub rose, medium red, single, 2004.

2011: Cinco de Mayo, floribunda, russet, double, 2007.

2012: Joy, miniature, pink blend, double, 2007.


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