Ballerina Rose

Ballerina Antique Shrub Rose

The Ballerina rose bush, a modern shrub rose, has pink rose flowers that looks like Hydrangea heads.

The pink flowers on the 'Ballerina' look somewhat like apple blooms, and they put on quite a show when spring arrives.

Everyone is drawn to this rose bush because it looks so different from other roses.

There are hundreds of lovely small single light pink flowers that totally covers this 'Ballerina' rose bush.

ballerina rose

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There is only a mild musky rose fragrance, but for this rose, the flower show more than makes up for it.

There is short pause after the show-stopping first bloom flush, with repeat blooms all summer, and then a good second bloom flush in the fall.

ballerina rose

It has a graceful rounded growth habit and lots of medium green healthy foilage.

This is a very easy to care for rose, that doesn't require a lot of maintenance, if any.

It can be planted on its own or in groups, however I especially love the way it's planted in the picture above, spilling over a picket fence.

ballerina rose

The 'Ballerina' bush in the picture above is fairly newly planted.

I will grow to about 4-5 feet if allowed.

It is easy to shear it down to keep this rose a bit smaller.

This is an excellent picture of this rose plant. I think the flowers are adorable.

Ballerina doesn't mind being pruned to reduce the size if needed, although I think its natural size and shape looks great.

The rose was introduced by Bentall, UK in 1937. Zones 4-9, height 4 feet (1.2 m)


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