Ballerina roses & Blackspot

by Terri
(Hot Springs, Arkansas)


Hi Annelie, First let me say I love your website!

I visit it often as I am constantly researching roses and advice.

Thanks for what you do! Like you, I LOVE roses and am quickly becoming a fanatic about them.

However I still have a lot to on to my problem/question.

I live in Hot Springs Arkansas. We have a lot of humidity and in spring a lot of rain.

I have 2 Ballerina rose bushes I have had for going on 3 years now. Last year black spot got so bad they went bald.

I had given Bayer All In one but this didn't prevent it last year.

This year I have added spraying weekly with Neem Oil and baking soda after spraying with a fungicide.

One looks pretty good but the other shrub I am losing the battle.

I adore the look of them as shrubs and blooming but am beginning to wonder if I should give up the battle and plant something more resistant to black spot.

Is there any hope for my ballerinas? I will mention I have other roses and not had such a problem with them.

The meidilands were never touched by BS, my other hybrid musks lose a few leaves only, also my Peggy Martin loses a few too but not totally bare.

My Ballerinas are in full sun too and not crowded at all by other plants.

I hope to hear from you and thank you for your time.


Hello Terri,
Sorry to hear about your Ballerina roses giving you so much trouble.

The secret to winning the battle with black spot is to apply Neem oil and the Bayer product, before any symptoms of black spot occurs.

If you did that, and you still have all this defoliating of foilage on your Ballerina roses, they have proven to not like your humid and rainy spring weather.

They are rated 8.6 with the American Rose Society, but even so they do not like humid and rainy weather.

I personally, will not to put up with rose bushes that give me a lot of black spot trouble.

I recommend you replace them with the Meidiland shrub roses since they tolerate your climate well.

My page about mail order rose bushes has a link to Nature Hills Nursery. They have Meidiland roses.

The Knockout rose series are highly resistant to black spot also, however, they are not quite as cute as the Ballerinas.

Kind Regards,

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