Bare Root Roses
Tips For Buying and Planting

Planting Bare Root Roses Instructions

The advantages of buying bare root roses is that they cost a lot less. So if you want cheap roses, buy bare roots.

Bareroot roses are only available during fall through early spring when they are in a dormant stage and not actively growing.

Make sure that the canes have an even green color and the roots are brown and slightly damp and not dried out.

Avoid buying second grade bare roots. Only buy first grade rose plants because they are the healthiest.

You can purchase bare root rose plants at a local nursery or you buy rose plants by mail order here.

A rose with bare roots looks stark naked, with stubby, thorny stems and stiff roots growing from a rough knob.

The knob is the bud union, where the roots and main stem were grafted together.

Many of the Old Garden roses are grown on their own roots and do not have a graft union.

All bareroot roses need a good soaking in water before you plant them in the ground.

They need to store up moisture that can be lost during planting and might have been lost during shipping.

Soak them overningt prior to planting, in a bucket of tepid water.

If the canes look dry, soak the entire plant, roots, canes and all, overninght so it will be totally hydrated before planting it in the ground.

Next trim off any broken roots, but avoid cutting back the canes unless they are broken.

Finally, immediately, prior to planting, dip the bare roots for a minute or two in a solution of one tablespoon bleach per gallon of water.

This will help remove any pests or fungus spores that might remain on the plant.

Before Planting Tip

Be sure to amend the soil, use a wheel barrow to mix things like composted manure, blood meal and bone meal (follow instructions on package).

Another bare root planting tip is to use Miracle Grow For Roses Soil.

I always use this great bagged soil when planting roses.

It has all the nutrients your rose needs to get off to a great start.

I promise if you do the same your roses will grow twice as fast and blooms twice as much sooneer.

How to Plant Bare Root Roses
Step by Step Instructions

Click on this link to get step by step instructions for planting bare root rose bushes


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