Beginner Rose Gardening Question

by Jim
(Murphys CA )

QUESTION: Hi I am Jim.

Pop gave me some roses they do well.

Some stems are turning dark red or brown.

Do I cut them off before winter starts, or with regular pruning in March, or leave them be.

Thank you,

ANSWER: Hi Jim! All new growth on roses are dark reddish brown.

The leaves turn green as they mature.

Do not prune the rose bushes now, because it will encourage new growth.

You should let the bushes go dormant now, and stop feeding. Only water.

Then in February, or early spring, you should prune the rose bushes.

Spring pruning will produce new growth and lots of rose blooms.

In the spring, feed you roses some good rose food, about 3 weeks after pruning.

Here is my page about caring for roses. It will help you out.
Best Regards,

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