Belindas Dream Rose

belindas dream rose

Belindas Dream Rose Florida

The shrub rose Belindas Dream rose Florida has big rose flowers.

'Belindas Dream' is also one of the best roses to grow in Florida and the Gulf Coast.

It is an Earthkind rose, that is very resistant to blackspot and root-knot nematodes.

The huge blooms on this cluster flowered shrub rose thrives in hot weather.

The flowers have a lovely fruity scent and have the classic hybrid tea rose form that is unusual for shrub roses.

The foilage has a green blue color and the bush will stay compact if pruned. The growth habit is upright and bushy.

belindas dream rose

Picture of Rosa Belindas Dream

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belindas dream rose

Rose care For 'Belindas Dream' Shrub Rose

Shrub roses are known for being easy to grow roses and they are a lot easier to care for than hybrid teas.

But if you need to brush up on rose cultivation follow these Rose Care instructions to make sure your rose gets off to a good start.

Pruning Tips For 'Belindas Dream'

Shrub roses in general don't need much pruning as they are

more bushy and compact.

However, pruning away old wood, or diseased wood, as well as criss crosses and spindly looking canes, will make your rose much healthier and good looking.

You can also give it an overall shape pruning, and if it grows to tall, just prune it down it down a bit so it stays compact.

For more pruning help and a video on pruning go to Pruning Rose Bushes.

More Growing Information For Rosa Belindas Dream

This rose points to the way roses will be in the future.

A vigorous shrub rose with fantastic quality of blooms on a large flowered rose that repeat blooms all season.

The quantity and abundance of blooms are outstanding.

Even though they have short stems, the large blooms are beautifully shaped with high centers.

Companion Plants For Belindas Dream

belindas dream rose

The pretty shade of light pink of this shrub rose looks fabulous interplanted with spirals of blue Delphiniums, blue larkspur or blue Phlox.

The light pink rose colors also looks good with burgundy color roses and deeper shades of Pink Roses, even the blood red rose colors.


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