Best Climbing Rose For Containers

by Janet
(Spring, TX)

QUESTION: I live in Spring, TX. The containers will get plenty of light - but no direct afternoon/brutal heat. I know the roots need room - the containers are of significant size - clay pots not quite as big as a half whiskey barrel.
Please let me know if you think these containers are big enough and what roses you would recommend.
Thank you very much.
ANSWER: Hello Janet!
What worries me most is the fact you are planning to use clay pots for your climbing roses.
Clay pots are THE worst containers for plants because they leach water from the soil so you have to water a lot more.
And since you are in Texas, it's a double bad thing, because to grow roses there, you have to water, water and water every day, when temperatures go way up.
The fact that the containers are large is good, but, please do not plant roses in clay pots, especially in Texas.
One last thing, hot afternoon shade is ok there,
but they need direct sun for several hours every day, not just light, to flower.
Just light will not make a rose thrive and flower in any place. Roses need a minimum of 6 hours of direct sun per day to bloom well.

You can also plant any rose in a container with a trellis.
You simply train, tie, the canes onto the trellis and it will be a climbing rose.
Here is a list of climbing roses to plant in a very large container.

Climbing Roses For Texas

Altissimo (red)
America (or)
Berries'n Cream (raspberry/white, striped)
Candy Land (wb) (light rasp./white stripes)
Climbing Iceberg (w)
Don Juan (dr) fragrant
Dream Weaver (op)
Eden Climber, aka Pierre du Ronsard
Fourth of July (red/white striped)
Night Owl (m)
Soaring Spirits (raspberry/wht stripe)
Sombreuil (w) fragrant
The Impressionist (ob) fragrant

Warmest Regards,

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