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American Rose Society's Top Rated Climbing Roses

I recommend you choose the best climbing rose for your climate zone, because not all best climbing roses grow well in all zones.

If you garden where winters are cold and below freezing you should only choose the best hardy climbing rose.

Otherwise your cold tender climbing rose will suffer from winter kill during one of those very cold winters.

The following is a list of climbing rose bushes that are highly rated by the American Rose Society (ARS), which I am a member of.

The ARS rate roses on a scale of 1 to 10. Ten being the absolute best.

The top rated climbing roses are all over 8. That is the minimum number a rose has to have to be on the top rated rose list.

Top Rated ARS Climbing Roses

demokracie rose

Demokracie Climbing Rose


Demokracie: dark red with doulbe flowers, 1935, rated 8.9.

Altissimo:, medium red, 7 petals, 1966, rated 8.5

Dublin Bay: medium red, 25 petals, 1976, rated 8.5.

Don Juan:, dark red, 30-35 petals, 1958, rated 8.5.

Fourth of July:, red/white blend, 10-16 petals, 1999, rated 8.2.

Winners Circle: dark red, single, 2007, rated 8.1.


clair matin rose

Clair Matin Climbing Rose

Clair Matin: medium pink, 15 petals, 1962, rated 8.7.

New Dawn: light pink, 35-40 petals, 1930, rated 8.50.

Rosarium Uetersen:, deep pink, very full, 1977, rated 8.4.

Belle Portugaise:, light pink, semi-double, 1903, rated 8.3.

Colette:, medium pink, 133 petals, 1996, rated 8.3.

Pierre de Ronsard:, pink blend, 40-55 petals, 1985, rated 8.2.

Morning Magic:, light pink, single, 2007, rated 8.2.

Parade: deep pink, 33 petals, 1953, rated 8.2.

Rhonda:, medium pink, double, 1967, rated 8.2.

Herlekin: pink blend, full, 2006, rated 8.1.

Pink Perpetue:, medium pink, 32 petals, 1965, rated 8.1.


casino rose

Casino Rose

Rise n' Shine: miniature climber, medium yellow, 35 petals, 1990, rated 8.4

Casino:, light yellow, double, 1963, rated 8.2.


casa blanca rose

Casa Blanca Rose

Casa Blanca:, white, semi-double, 1968, rated 9.1.

Sombreuil:, white, very full, about 1880, rated 8.7.

City of York:, white, 15 petals, 1945, rated 8.5.

Alberic Barbier:, white, double, 1900, rated 8.2.


compassion rose

Compassion Rose

Compassion:, orange pink, 36 petals, 1973, rated 8.4.

America:, orange pink, 43 petals, 1975, rated 8.2.

Galway:, orange pink, 20 petals, 1966, rated 8.1

Royal Sunset:, apricot blend, 20 petals, 1960, rated 8.9

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