Best Climbing Roses For Denver

by Omar
(Denver, Co USA)

QUESTION: I live in Denver Co. and been looking for some good climbing roses for my yard. I've asked my neighbors the names of their plants and most of them say they don't know. I got what were suposed to be good plants from a local nursery 2 years ago. 5 of the 8 plants have died and the remaining ones are under a foot tall. I don't want somthing that will get huge over night, but 1 foot in 2 years is disapointing. They were almost that tall when I planted them.
ANSWER: Hi Omar,
You should only plant very cold hardy roses in Denver.
The only climbing rose that will have chance to survive there is the William Baffin Climber.
It's from the Canadian Explorer series of roses. I recommend it highly.
Even so you need to plant it in an area that is protected from winds.
Also read my page about winterizing roses.
You rose should be down in the ground by June so it has a chance to grow feeder roots before the winter comes.
It will not survive the winter if you plant it in the fall.
Another rose that is actually a bush, but can be grown as a small climbing rose because it its arching canes is the English Abraham Darby rose. It does well in Denver, Colorado.
You can also contact your Colorado Rose Society for help with selecting a climbing rose that will survive there.
Best Regards,

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