Best Roses For Coastal Oregon

by Reginald Purvis
(Coos Bay, Oregon, Coos County)

QUESTION: I live in South West Oregon on the coast, the winters are somewhat cold but mostly west, the summers are brief.

Had rose bushes who give out after 20 years and being replanted between four location.

I would appreciate if you could find the time to answer this. Reginald Purvis

ANSWER: Gardeners in Oregon's coastal climate need to plant rose varieties that like the region on the Pacific Northwest coast of Oregon with it's cool maritime climate.

The most challenge is the lack of enough sunshine wich they demand.

Below is a list of the best roses to grow in your area of Oregon, Coos Bay.

A place I have been to and really enjoy.

Best Roses For The Pacific Northwest
Oregon's Coast

Easy Going, Elina, Felicia, Folklore, Gemini, Hansa, Lagerfeld, Livin' Easy, Margaret Merrill, Robusta, Savoy Hotel, Sexy Rexy, Tournment of Roses, Westerland, Rugosa.

Hope you will find a rose you like here.

Best Regards,

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