Best Roses for Hot, Dry Climate
Tropical Area

by David and Lin Schneider
(Los Organos, Peru, South America)

QUESTION: What is the best rose for the N. Coast of Peru. Hot or warm year around, dry air most of the year?

ANSWER: Hi David and Lin, fellow SBI'ers! Growing roses in hot dry climates, necessites ample watering and careful rose selection.

Watering 4 times a week is a must, as is mulching deeply, 4-5 inches.

The best roses for high temperatures and low rainfall are hybrid tea roses that have been grafted onto the root stock of Rosa Fortuniana, which is well adapted to heat, and thrive in hot climates, if given lots of water on a regular basis.

Look for varieties with thick petals and glossy foilage which can stand up to searing temperatures.

The yellow Julia Child rose, apricot Marilyn Monroe rose, and the Gemini rose with creamy buds that open to coral-edged blooms, are all great roses for hot dry climates.

Old roses such as Blush Noisette is another good rose for hot climate zones.

It's also important to choose roses with the right amount of petals.

Rose blooms with too many petals, will not open in the heat.

But if there are too few, the buds open quickly, and the blooms won't last long.

I also recommend that you talk to local Rosarians from the Peru Rose Society.

You'll quickly learn what roses will survive and thrive in N. coast Peru's hot dry climate.
Best Regards,

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