Best Time To Plant Roses

When Is the Best Time
To Plant Roses?

People are always asking me, when is the best time to plant roses, when to plant roses, or what time of the year to plant roses.

So this page will address all those questions about the timing of planting roses.

This will also cover such questions as 'the best time to plant knockout roses' and 'when is the best time to plant mini roses'.

Those roses can be planted just when any other rose plant is planted in your climate zone.

I want to point out that the time to plant roses in your garden, depends on your climate.

If you unsure about your climate zone, ask your local garden center that sells roses when it's the best time to plant rose bushes in your area.

You can also contact your local Rose Society for help. They are always happy to help rose gardeners.

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knockout rose

Knockout Rose Bush In My Garden

There are actually 2 planting times for roses, fall and spring.

If you dont plant in the fall, the best time to plant roses is early spring or late winter, if you live in a cold climate zone where temperatures drop below -10 Fahrenheit.

It is important that ALL danger of frost is gone and the soil is workable and not frozen.

The best time depends on when spring arrives in your 'neck of the woods'.

Fall planting is great, because it gives the rose bush time to grow feeder roots, before it goes dormant when frost arrives.

That means it will grow and bloom much quicker when it comes out of dormancy and after you have done the spring pruning.

If you live in a warm climate zone, such as California or Florida, or other places in the World where winters are very mild or warm, the best time to plant your roses in a warm climate is in the fall, late fall or during winter December or January.

I live in Southern California, and that's when I plant roses here.

You are wise to, and should, consult with good local nurseries for frost dates where you live and also to find out the best time to plant in your local area, before you plant roses in your garden.

You can plant container grown roses during much of the year, as soon as they are available, provided the ground is not frozen, and on through fall, in milder regions.

The best time to plant roses is in spring, when the plants have the longest growing season ahead in which to get established.

If you do it during hot weather, be sure to deep water your roses frequently.

Also be sure to take care of the rose's roots, don't let them dry out.

It's the best way to kill a rose.

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To plant a rose garden and rose bushes takes a bit of planning, and it's very important NOT to plant before it's time to plant roses.

Here are some good helpful spring gardening tips for planting bare root roses.

Plant those roses as soon as you are able to work the soil with a shovel in late winter or early spring, but NOT until all danger of frost that can occur in your area is gone.

I hope this page helped you out with the question about when to plant roses and the best time to do it.


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