Betty Boop Rose

betty boop rose

Betty Boop rose bush and 'Betty Boop' rose plants are red cheerful floribunda roses, named after the energetic and popular cartoon character in the United States.

Red tinged rose, is an outstanding rose bush, one of my favorite rose bushes to grow in my flowerbeds.

The reason is, the long-lasting abundant blooms that re-blooms quickly.

It flowers so consistently in all climates, and it is so striking to look at that it has quickly became a favorite with gardeners everywhere.

betty boop rose

The wonderful flowers are sort of semidouble and bright

yellow at first, with wide coral edges.

Then the yellowfades to white and disappears from the edges too, so that the coral turns to crimson.

Quite a transformation of colors.

The colors and patterns on the individual flowers are striking at all the developing stages. There is a moderate fruity fragrance.

The bush has dark, glossy, and healthy leaves that are very attractive, and the growing habit is a bushy, sort of rounded natural shape.

It flowers with profusion and produces its flushes of flowers so quickly that a flowerbed with 'Betty Boop' roses is never without blooms.

Although it was bred in California, it is hardy in a wide range of climates, and because its light weight petals, tolerates rain as well as heat and cold.

This is a rose that is perfect for the Southern Midwest of the USA.

Zones 6-10, height about 3-5 feet. Taller in warm climates, and shorter in colder regions.

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