Black Baccara Roses

black baccara roses

Black Rose

Black Baccara Roses, 'Black Baccara' rose and 'Black Baccara' Hybrid Tea rose, are black red roses, or dark red roses with black shadings. The black rose flower, is often used for sympathy flowers and dark red roses floral arrangements are also usedfor funerals and memorial services.In my garden I enjoy 'Black Baccara' roses because they look great with my white roses. They really make a most beautiful garden display.

black baccara roses

Picture of 'Black Baccara' Rose

A favorite with florists who favor the fresh cut the 'Black Baccara' roses for their long stemmed flowers that lasts a long time in a vase.

These black flowers also look lovely mixed with creamy white roses.

balck baccara roses

The picture of a Black Baccara rose above, shows how deep, almost black, the color of these roses can be, depending on the sun and climate, even the month of the year.

Compare it to the picture on top. Tht's a big difference.

If you like to have a 'black rose garden', this rose bush is easy to grow and care for and it's quite disease free as well.

These black hybrid tea roses bloom all summer long and even into fall.

The flower color is deep red with shades of black on the outer petals. There is no rose scent or fragrance to speak of.

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To buy Baccara roses is easy as they are readily available by mail order from many rose suppliers.

'Baccara' roses doesn't do well in rainy areas as the rain tend to ruin the flowers.

It was introduced by Meilland, France in 1954. It's classified as a modern large-flowering hybrid tea rose. Zones 5-9, height 4-5 feet.

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