Black Bouquet Magic Rose Flowers

black bouquet magic rose

'Black Magic' Rose Wedding Bouquet

A black bouquet magic rose wedding is very popular as bridal

bouquets. Here are some pictures of 'Black Magic' rose bouquets.

This rose is mainly a florist variety, as 'Black Magic' roses are used for wedding arrangements and bridal bouquets. The dark rose flowers look stunning against a white wedding dress, and the 'black' red roses are very romatic as well.

Lots of brides like blackish accents for their receptions, so these dark red roses fit in with such a theme.

black bouquet magic rose

Rose Bouquet of 'Black Magic' Roses

Below is an example of a cascading rose bouquet using the 'Black Magic' roses. Very chic indeed!

black bouquet magic rose

A Bouquet of 'Black Magic' Roses With Cascading Ivy

For more information about 'Black' roses with lots of pictures, click on the link below.

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