Black Fungus Spots on Whole Rose Bush

by Brian Hanna
(Aston, PA, USA)


Hi Annie,
I have problems with a couple rose bushes, but one particular. The Black spot infected not just the leaves and stems but even at the base of the trunk. It has completely took over the bush. I have another bush that only effected a few sections of leaves but it also has the black spots on the branches. If the spots are on the branches it is safe to say I should prune and take off wherever there is black spots? If that is the case the whole bush would have to go. I actually have no problem doing that now because it has been a fight for over a year. Let me know what you think I should do.
Brian Hanna

Hi Brian,

I vote for getting rid of the rose bush. That's what I do if a plant gives me lots of trouble.

This black spot infected rose bush will spread the disease around your garden.

Be sure to dig up the soil as well, and then use a fungus spray on the rest of the soil as well.

Use a horticultural summer oil to spray your other rose, and their soil. It will kill the fungus spores.

In the winter, spray the roses with a dormant oil to make sure the fungus spores don't over-winter.

Best Regards,

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