Black Magic Roses

black magic roses

Pictures Of Black Roses

Black Magic Roses, the Black Magic rose flower, and more that 24 other roses, have been described as a black roses, although none is truly so.

For as far as is known, black is not a pigment that exists in the rose family.

Here are some of most popular and beautiful of the so called black roses.

Black Rose Flower

black magic roses

Black Ice Rose

black magic roses

'Black Ice', is a cluster- flowered Floribunda Rose.

The buds on this variety are actually very blackish, and when the flower opens reveal clusters of the darkest, most beautiful scarlet blooms, which are only slightly fragrant.

They are full petalled and fairly large for a cluster-flowered rose.

The flowers continue to bloom through summer and fall. The growth is below average height, compact and sturdy, with glossy green foilage.

The name 'Black Ice' was given, because of the 'Iceberg' rose is in the parentage. Zones 4-9, height 2-3 feet.

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Black Beauty Rose

black magic roses

'Black Beauty' rose is a large-flowered Hybrid Tea.

These black magic roses appear black in the bud stage and opens to a rich crimson-scarlett with the reverse of the petals a dark velvety blackish red.

There is little fragrance however.

The flowers keeps blooming all through summer and autumn. The plant bears the flowers on long stems, which is true for Hybrid Teas, and the foilage is a medium green color.

This rose is useful for cutting, because the color's are so superb when the flowers come along. Zones 5-9, height 4 feet.

Black Magic Rose

black magic roses

'Black Magic' roses gets both their beautiful dark red color and it's rich Damask perfume from it's parent the 'Guinee' rose.

They are modern large-flowered climbers.

The flowers of these black magic roses, are double and they bloom with abundance for a long time, although the repeat flowering is rather poor.

The plants are good choices for pillars and tripods, growing to 10 feet or so.

And they should be planted where the perfume can be appriciated as they are very fragrant.

The foilage is full and attractive and very disease free.

All in all, a very good rose to grow. Zones 4-9. height 10 feet or more, (3m).

Black Velvet Rose

black magic roses

'Black Velvet' is a large-flowered Hybrid Tea.

The color is a deep burgundy red with a dark, blackish velvety look, that describes it's name.

It bears flowers mostly one to a stem, and the huge oval buds open into large semi-double blooms that have a lovely fragrance.

The flowers repeat their blooms through summer and fall.

It's a vigorous plant with an upright habit, typical for Hybrid Teas, and dark green leathery foilage.

Zones 5-9, height 4-6 feet.

Black Baccara Rose

black magic roses

Black Baccara Roses are large-flowerd Hybrid Teas.

For years, this rose was a favorite with florists, thanks to it's long stems and long-lasting blooms of the full-petaled flowers.

The blooms open slowly, showing a vivid deep vermillion color, with blackish shadings on the outer petals, and continue to flower well through summer and autumn.

There is no fragrance. The dark leathery leaves are reddish when young, and they cover the bush rather well.

This rose is best in a warm climate, as rain spoils the flowers.

Zones 5-9, height 4-5 feet.

Black Jade Rose

black magic roses

Black Jade, a modern miniature rose, that is very close in color to black.

A vigorous upright plant with flower clusters of 5-10 blooms on very strong stems. When the flower opens up it reveals very attractive bright golden yellow stamens, which is a beautiful contrast with the very dark blackish petals.

It's a repeat-flowering bush and the foilage's is glossy and very disease resistant.

Zones 4-11, height 2-3 feet.

These black magic roses, as I call them, are the most popular and easy to grow, of the so called black roses.


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