Black Roses

black roses

Black Rose Flower

Looking for black roses or a 'black' rose? Here are pictures and information about the best 'black red rose' flowers, such 'Black Magic' roses and 'Black Baccara' roses and other red rose bushes with a blackish hue.

Even though there are not a truly 'black' rose in the rose family, people are fascinated with the dark red roses with 'black' buds and 'black' shadings on their petals.

So the rose growers continue to introduce new 'black' red varieties all the time. One day we will probably see a truly 'black' rose on the market. That rose breeder will make some cool money on his invention, as it will be a very hot selling rose.

'Black Magic' Roses

black roses

Picture Of 'Black Magic' Roses

The 'Black Magic' Rose is most likely the most popular red 'black' rose on the market today. The buds on this rose are very 'black', so if you like a real 'black' flower arrangement, you could cut the 'Black Magic' roses when they are in bud form, before they open fully.

'Black Baccara' Roses

black roses

Picture Of 'Black Baccara' Roses

The Black Baccara Rose is a hybrid tea rose, and is perfect for a cut flower. Like all the black red roses, their flowers are more black before they are fully opened.

They appear to be more black in cool weather, so if you live in that type of climate you will have more black shadings in the roses.

Black Cherry Rose

black roses

Picture Of Black Cherry Rose

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