Black Spot On Roses

black spot on roses

Rose Disease
Treatment For Black Spots On Roses

Black spot on roses is a very common rose spots fungus disease.

The best treatment and remedies, and how to treat and get rid of black spot disease on roses is by using a Garden Safe Organic Fungicide.

Organic fungicides act by preventing fungal spores from infecting leaves.

When you spray your roses for black spot, follow the directions on the label.

Do not exceed the recommended dosages.

If an infection of black spot is severe, you should simply spray your roses more often.

black spot on roses

Picture of Rose Leaves Infected By Black Spot Disease

Roses black spot is most noticeable on rose foilage, but it can also mar stems, flower petals and rose hips.

Spores overwinter on fallen leaves and infected rose stems.

To infect rose foilage, black spot fungal spores must stay wet for about 7 hours.

A rainy day or wet foilageovernight is all it takes for infections to start.

Black spot can occur in rose gardens anywhere in the country, but it's most severe in regions with higher rainfall, including the East, Southeast and Northwest.

Many shrub rose varieties are very resistant to black spot, especially the knockout roses.

So if you garden in a region where blackspot is prevalent on roses, you should try growing these disease resistant rose bushes.

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