Black Stems and Leaves

by Sean
(Walla Walla, Washington, USA)

QUESTION: Hi, I live in Walla Walla, Washington. Which is a fairly mild climate. I have 15 rose plants of many different varieties. The last two springs I have noticed a burning coloration of the leaves and stems. This year I cut back the plants in March and now all the stems have black covering them. It looks like someone took a torch to the stems and burnt them. I feel that this may be a disease of some sort. What do you think might be causing this?
Also, Do you have thornless bush roses with multi-color flowers? If so what are they called and how much do they cost? Thank you.
ANSWER: Hello Sean,
I think you mean canes or stems when you mentioned stock, right?
Not sure because I am not able to look at the problem. Wish you could have uploaded a picture.
However, I do think you have a black spot fungus problem even though you explained it sort of "funny".
So click on the link above and take a look. Black Spot can affect canes and foilage as well.
Let me know with a comment if your problem looks like black spot.
Sorry, I do not know of a thornless multi-colored rose.
Best Regards,

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