Blackspot Resistant Climbing Rose

I live in coastal Massachusetts in a town called Newburyport. When I purchased my home the yard was full of hybrid tea roses which constantly had black spot. There is not a lot of airflow in my yard, and I am not big on using chemicals so I eventually took them all out and gave them to a friend. I have Pink Fairy landscape roses out front and they do fine. I am looking for a climbing rose to put on an 8 ft obelisk that is light pink in color and most importantly disease resistant in my location. Fragrance is a bonus but not required. I have looked at a few on your site, but I thought I would as your opinion on this before purchasing.

Thank you very much for your help!
Kind Regards,
Hello Kristin,
There are two climbing roses that are rated very high, 8.9 (10 is the highest) with the American Rose Society.
Here are links to them:
Willim Baffin Rose
Sally Holmes Rose

William Baffin is very cold hardy so that would be good for you.
You might want to contact your MA Rose Society about climbers that are disease resistant in your area.
Roses behave diffently in different climate situations. The rose sociaties offer phone contact for advice about roses. I am a member of Los Angeles Rose Society myself.
Anyway, I have both of these roses and they are very disease free in my garden. No balckspot at all.
Another tip I would like to give you is to use Bayers All In One Rose and Flower Care.
It's not a spray. You simply mix it with water and pour it around the dripline of the rose.
3 times during the season.
The first appliction should be after pruning, when you see new growth starting to appear.
Then 2 more times during the summer.
It takes care of bugs, fungus diseases, and it also feeds the roses. I have tons of testimonials about this product, and have started to use it myself on some finnicky hybrid teas with great results. No more blackspot!
Best Regards,

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