Blaze Rose

Blaze Climbing Improved Rose Bush

blaze rose

I love this picture I took, of the Blaze rose in front of my friends house. She planted two of the climbing roses, one on each side.

I actually instructed her gardener how to train and tie them to the facade of the house.

The new and improved climbing 'Blaze' rose is one of the best red climbing roses you can grow in your garden.

This red climbing rose is very spectacular and very reliable.

Here are great examples of ways to train climbing roses and ideas how to use the climbing Blaze rose in your landscape and garden.

In the picture above, two Blaze climbing roses are planted, one on each side of the front door.

Notice how well the climber is trained around the front door, some canes are bent downward in a rounded form to create more side shoots for flowers to develop.

This climber is one of the best and easiest climbers to train.

The canes are very flexible and the flowers keep coming all season long.

blaze rose

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Training a rose horizontally produces more flowers. On a trellis train the long canes back and forth across the trellis to encourage lateral flower canes to grow. Lots more rose blooms!

So do yourself a favor and train the climbing roses the right way.


Mature Plant Height: 10 feet to 15 feet.

Bloom Size: 2 inches to 3 inches.

Bloom Time: all season.

Fragrance: mild, fruity.

Year Introduced: 1935.

Planting Zones: 4-9.

American Rose Society Rating: 8.9.

blaze rose

Growing and Pruning Blaze Climbing Rose

This old fashion red Blaze climbing rose, is one of the best of the red climbing roses.

It's an impressive sight in full bloom. The cheerfulscarlet red flowers form sheets of color in the summer.

They appear in large clusters on strong canes, and open to fairly full-petalled blooms of a neatly cuppedform.

The flowering of Blaze rose is constant from early summer to fall and provide a spectacular show in your garden.

If you are looking for climbing red roses, this one should be on your list.

It's a very attractive and reliablerose, that shows good disease resistance.

Blaze structures that would be appropriate are trellises, arbors, pergolas, fences and walls.

I particularly like it trained on a white support as it shows off it's magnificient bright red flowers.

Growing Blaze is very easy as rose care is minimal and there are rarely any rose problems with Blaze.

Rose Pruning for Climbers and Ramblers should not be done the first two years, as climbing roses need time to build flowering rose canes.

Regarding pruning blaze, climbing roses in general is to remember not to drastically alter the form and shape of the climbers

The only pruning or trimming of climbing Blaze during this early growing time, should be to remove any diseased and broken canes.

After the climber is established, prune or trim back lateral stems from the vertically trained canes in the spring to about 4 inches, to stimulate flower production.

Great climbing rose companions for Blaze would be to plant some Fleabane at its feet.

This would hide the bare legs of the climber, and the pinkish red colors of the perennial Fleabane complements the red flowers of this rose.

The foilage is glossy and bright green on fast growing canes. it's an easy plant to grow where a good all-purpose climber is needed.

blaze rose


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