Bleeding Heart Perennial Plant

bleeding heart perennial

Dicentra Spectabilis Perennial Flowers

Old fashioned Bleeding Heart perennial plant flowers, the best varieties of pink and white Dicentra Spectabilis 'Bleeding Heart' plant for sale here!

These are some of my favorite perennials to plant in my garden with roses.

They actually starts blooming before my roses do.

I garden in Los Angeles California, so I plant the 'Bleeding Hearts' with my shade tolerant roses, such as the Iceberg roses.

The fern like foilage of 'Bleeding Heart' is just as lovely as the gorgeous heart shaped flowers.

The flowering last for weeks, longer if the weather doesn't get too hot.

After mid-summer, the Dicentra Spectabilis perennial plant starts to go dormant.

The foilage dies down, so just cut it down to the ground, when that happens. It will return faithfully every spring.

bleeding heart perennial

Picture Of Pink 'Bleeding Heart' Plant

Below are pictures of my own very favorite 'Bleeding Heart' varieties. Aren't they wonderful?

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Take a look at a few more 'Bleeding Heart' plants, just click on this link.

If you wonder how to plant 'Bleeding Hearts' plants, here are some tips.

Plant them in rich, well-drained and moist soil.

They can take full sun if you water well. However, they don't really tolerate extreme heat, especially desert heat.

These are long-lived perennials, and very reliable plants, that will give you pleasure for many years.


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