Bleeding Hearts

by AnnaMarie
(LA 90066)

Tropical Vine

Tropical Vine

I was so interested to see that you have Bleeding Hearts for sale.

But before I order I have some questions to ask.

I see you are also in Los Angeles. I am near Marina del Rey in Culver City.

I thought I HAD two Bleeding Heart vines. Seeing these, I realize I don't.

The picture above is what I have. I certainly prefer the ones you have for sale.

However, it looks as if your plants are bushes, not vines.

I wanted them to crawl as do the ones I have. There is little foliage and they take very little room.

They also go dormant. Could you give me an idea of how much room one would need to grow these properly?

Hi AnnaMarie

What you have is a tropical vine, not the same as the perennial bleeding heart plant that's on my web site.

The bleeding heart plant grows to about 2 feet high and wide.

It will start blooming here in early spring, and go dormant during the summer. Comes back every spring.

It should be planted in the shade here, or dappled shade.

The plant is very beautiful, even the fern-like foilage.

But the stars are the charming perfectly heart shaped flowers arranged in neat little rows on each flower stem.

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