Blue Colored Roses

blue colored roses

Blue Rose flowers

Blue colored roses, or roses that looks like 'blue' roses, are all the rage today.

Even though there are no real blue roses, or blue rose flowers, in the rose world, a lot of roses have the word blue, incorporated into their names.

Many florists dye white roses blue by adding blue colorings to the water.

This is because of the demand for, and popularity of, the blue colored rose bouquets.

Geneticists are presently working on and hoping to introduce the pigment 'delphinidin' into a rose from another flower, perhaps a petunia.

Meanwhile there are several roses that have a lot of blue in them, such as several lilac colored rose varieties.

Lots of people love a blue flower; picture a rose being introduced with a true blue color. It will be a very popular rose, when the time comes, as I am sure it will. I will definitely be buying blue roses as soon as blue roses, baby blue roses or light blue roses become available.

I am looking forward to growing ice blue roses, blue-green roses, blue-tipped roses and blue garden roses. It's just a matter of time before rose breeders will be offering them for sale. So in the meantime, I am happy growing lilac-blue roses.

Here are some of the best garden 'blue' roses that come nearest to the color blue, some which in warmer climates can look like real blue roses.

I have also included a few pictures of 'blue' roses, and a picture of a 'blue' rose flower. Blue rose meaning and symbolism are described as mystery and uniqueness.

Blue Rose Flower

Blueberry Hill Rose

blueberry hill rose

Blueberry Hill Rose

The color of the 'Blueberry Hill' rose is enough to make your heart flutter, and to top it off thelovely lilac-blue rose flowers has an exquisite sweet apple fragrance.

The blooms are quite large and semi-double, they practically smother the clean and healthy glossyfoilage all summer long. It's similar to an azalea bush in srping.

Blueberry Hill rose makes a medium sized rounded bush that grows to 4 feet high (1.2). Zones 5-9.

blue colored roses

Veilchenblau Rose a Blue Colored Rose

veilchenblau rose

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Now here is one of my favorite blue colored roses, the Veilchenblau rose, a very popular and almost thornless climber with fresh green leaves.

But it's the absolutely lovely, fragrant violet-blue flowers, streaked with white, that captures your attention.

If you have room, or can make room for this vigorous rambler,I think you will be delighted with this this rose. It also flowers very early in the season.

These violet-blue roses makes perfect blue wedding roses for a blue themed wedding, or a stunning bouquet of blue roses for your livingroom.

blue colored roses

Blue Moon Rose

blue colored roses The Blue Moon Rose bush is considered by some to be the best of the blue colored roses, at least commercially. The flowers being very close to the blue side of lilac.

Blue Moon Rose with Picture

blue colored roses

Blue Nile Rose

Blue Nile rose. a blue colored hybrid tea rose, with very large flowers that open on long stems into full-petalled blooms, that would be great for an exhibition.

The flowers are a gorgeous lavender-blue color with a strong rose fragrance. This is an ideal rose for cutting roses.

It's a repeat-flowering rose bush that grows to above average height with olive green foilage. The blue Nile rose prefers warmer climates. Zones 6-9.


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