Blue Moon Rose
And Climbing Blue Moon

Best Blue Colored Roses

Hybrid Blue Moon rose is the most popular of all the blue colored roses.

The reason is, that 'Blue Moon' hybrid tea rose bush and it's climbing 'Blue Moon'rose variety, are very close to the blue side of lilac.

'Blue Moon' gets a lot of raves in my garden.

Everyone is instantly drawn to it.

I think it's because the gorgeous blue shade of the 'Blue Moon' is irresistable, and you don't often see this color in home gardens.

Although, I have noticed in increase of blue roses in my own neighbourhood.

There are quite a few rose plants that have included the name blue, but so far no real blue roses have been developed.

So the answer to the question, "Is there such a thing as a blue rose?", is, not really.

But there are lilac colored roses that have blue tint to them, so many call these types of roses, blue roses.

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The flowers of 'Blue Moon' are quite beautiful and large with high centers and a lovely form.

There isusually one flower on the long stems, which makes them ideal cut flowers for vases.

This is one of the fragrant hybrid tea roses.

The gorgeous 'Blue Moon' blooms have a wonderful sweet tea rose scent.

The flowers repeatbloom all summer through fall.

The most suitable site for 'Blue Moon' rose and Climbing 'Blue Moon' rose is a sheltered wall or fence.

It also requires a lot of sunshine for good flower production.

A warm climate is the best place for this rose.

In California the 'Blue Moon' roses does quite well, and flowers profusely, and blue coloring of this rose looks fabulous if paired with the white iceberg rose, or other white flowers.

blue moon rose

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Blue Moon rose is a vigorous rose bush that grows to above average height and it's a generally healthy plant.

The climber is best suited for a warm and sheltered spot in your garden.

It grows and flowers best in warmer climates, so that's were it should be placed.

Zones 5-9, height to 6 feet (2m), climber 10-12 feet.


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