Blush Rose


Rambler Roses

Blush rose, or Rosa Blush Rambler, is often found in old cottage gardens. It is an almost thornless climbing rose bush with light green leaves that are very healthy and attractive.

This rose has such an old fashioned look to it and the flowers look equally old fashioned.

They remind me of the old apple trees from Sweden where I grew up.

We had some old, old apple trees there, and the blooms of the 'Blush' are very much like that. So charming and perfect for the cottage look garden.

One of the most charming of the old fashioned roses, 'Blush' is the ideal cottage garden rambler.

It isvigorous and it flowers with profusion, is richly perfumed, and is full of irresistable charm.

Pictures Of Rambler Roses

blush rose

The picture of the cottage garden above, isn't it fabulous, shows the pink rambler rose growing over the arbor at the entrance ofthe front garden.

The white roses in the picture are the popular Climbing Iceberg rose and the Iceberg rosebushes.

I was so taken by this cottage and the cottage rose garden the homeowners created. I haven't seen anything like it since I was in England.

blush rose

Here is a closer view of the 'Blush Ramblers' pink rose

clusters. The beautiful pink buds are shaped like cones.

They open in June, or early spring, to a fantastic profusion of flowers that arrive in clusters. The softpink and white apple-blossom flowers have a rich and sweet rose scent.

This marvellous Rambler rose is best used on an arbor or pergola.

The abundance of the cascading flowerswill best be displayed that way.

Or you could train it up a fruit tree in an orchard where the beauty of the flowers will have the perfect setting. Zones 5-10. height 15 feet (4.5 m).


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