Bonica Rose Bush

bonica rose bush

Bonica Rose Design Ideas

Rosa Bonica rose bush is one of my favorite pink shrub roses to plant in my garden.

It was voted the World's favoriterose by the World Federation of Rose Societies in 1997.

This rose is especially well suited for a small garden, or in flower beds around a patio or narrower spaces.

It is a compact rose and therefore very easy to plant in most gardens.

bonica rose

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This rose is so delightful and easy to grow, and require only minimal rose care, every garden should have one.

The plant is covered with masses of cluster sprays of clear pinkdainty blooms, and the foilage consist of an abundance of small leaves that are disease free and very handsome.

The non-stop flowering continues all the way through fall until the first frost.Zones 4-9, height about 3 feet and spreading.

bonica rose bush

In the picture of Rosa Bonica above, it is planted in border along a driveway.

This rose bush is established and have been growing there for a couple of years.

This is the average height for this rose.

bonica rose bush

This picture is very good, because it actually shows the various stages of the flower, from bud to fully open, to aging.

It is a tough rose that will tolerate both cold winters and very hot summers,and still continue to bloom and thrive.

Here are some great design ideas and tips for where to plant this rose.

Use it as rose hedge or in a foundation planting, but it is also a lovely addition in your flower border.

The beautiful pink flowers blend naturally with any color scheme in your garden.

Zones 4-9, height 2-4 feet (larger in warm climates).

bonica rose


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