Bought a House With Existing Rose Garden

by Ann Price

Hi! My husband and I bought a beautiful house with a rose garden. It was pruned in November and now that its Spring I have no idea where to start. I have the previous gardener's number but I'm on the fence about paying someone versus learning a new hobby! We are in Cincinnati OH. Can you point me in the right direction? Where do I start? Should I rely on a gardener until I have had time to learn??? Please help.
Thank you!!
Ann Price

Hello Ann,
My experience with hired gardeners is that most don't really know how to take care of roses at all.
I got an e-mail from one of my web visitor who said his gardener chopped down the rose bushes to 8 inches above the ground, which is unbelievable.
Anyway, I recommend you learn to take charge of them yourself.
I will give you a couple of links to a couple of my pages that will take you in the right direction for pruning and caring for your rose garden.
You could print out the pages to have for handy references.

Here is my page about pruning roses and here is my page about rose care and maintenance.
So follow the instructions on these pages and you will soon be an expert yourself.
PS. I never personally hand over rose pruning to someone else, unless I stand next to that person giving instructions.
Happy Rose Gardening

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