Brandy Rose Bush

Brandy Hybrid Tea Rose

Brandy rose, the Brandy hybrid tea rose bush has the richest apricot color yet in roses and it flowers early in the season which everyone likes a lot.

Brandi rose is the winner of All America Rose Selection, AARS, award of 1982.

The Brandy has richly apricot colored blooms, certainly caught the judges eyes.

The beautiful form of the young flowers is very elegant with twenty or more rose petals forming a classic high center.

This charming apricot colored hybrid tea flower always gets a lot of compliments from my friends and neighbors.

Many ask for a cutting from 'Brandy' which I am more than happy to give.

You can propagate 'Brandy' rose from cuttings, however, it's still under patent, and you can't sell rose bushes under this name.

brandy rose

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As the rose petals open, the large flowers become looser and more informal is shape, and the brightly colored gold stamens are revealed.

The lovely rose fragrance is strong and fruity, and 'Brandy' rose continues to flower from early summer through fall.

brandy rose

Rose Brandy prefers cooler weather, but like most hybrid tea roses it's not cold hardy.

The colors varies a bit, and the fragrance is usually stronger in cooler weather and in autumn.

There have been some reports of black spot in certain areas prone to it.<.p>

But not in the coastal areas of California.

The growth habit is taller than average, with an upright growth shape and plentiful glossy green foilage.

The leaves are dark and a little glaucous, but the new growth is a beaytiful crimson color.

The plant is vigorous and healthy and repeat flowers well.

It is rarely out of bloom for long, especiallyif you lighly prune it after each flower flush, so it builds up a more shrubby structure.

Zones 5-9, height 5 feet or more.


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