Brass Band Rose


Orange Roses

Brass Band rose is one of Oprah's seven favorite roses, according to the person who designed her rose garden.

It's easy to see why Oprah loves this rose, because rose 'Brass Band' puts on such a show, it takes your breath away, it's that fantastic.

And the colors of the roses,an orange blend, they are just awesome.

That's the only word to describe the color shades of these orange roses.

'Brass Band' carries clusters of very full petalled flowers that open from plump orange yellow buds into medium to large-sized blooms.

As the blooms open, they reveal a virtual 'fruit salad' of colors.

Melon, peach, papaya and apricot are all present and the light fruity fragrance is very lovely.

Pictur of Orange Roses

brass band rose

As lovely as this picture is, it doesn't do justice to the color shadings of these orange roses.

I have a digital camera and it still didn't quite capture to stunning color show of blooms.

The foilage is bright green with large leaves that are very healthy.

The foilage forms a great backdrop forthese gorgeous rose flowers.

brass band rose

I think this picture I took, really shows the mass planting effect of this rose. One rose just wont do.

The best use for this rose is in a flower bed.

You should plant at least three of them to get the full impactof the flower show.

The plant grows to an average height with an upright bushy habit.

Brass Band rose was introduced by Christensen, USA in 1993. It was the winner of All-American Rose Selectionin 1995.

Zones 4-9. height 3-4 feet.


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