Brown Leaves On Rose Bush

by Patsy Barnhill
(North Charleston, SC)


I have a miniature rose bush. The leaves have just started turning brown from the far edge away from the stem. What could cause this?

I use natural fertilizer, not much and not often. I keep it watered, but not too much. It was fine last year, this problem just started.

Hello Patsy,
It looks like insecst bites from your picture.

Some insects will bite and suck the fluids from a leaf so parts will turn brown.

Remove any affected leaves.

Spray some Neem Oil on your leaves and the bugs will leave your rose alone.

Neem oil is organic and safe even on edibles.

Spray some Neem Oil around the base of your rose also.

That will kill any insect eggs or fungus spores hiding in the soil from attacking your rose.

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