Brown/Yellow Edge of Rose Leaves

by Ernie
(Phoenix, AZ)

Hi Annelie:
Ernie here again from Phoenix, Arizona. I have attached a picture of my Double Delight Tree Rose. Does it look okay to you? Some leaves have brownish edges on the leaf and the flowers are a bit smaller than when I first planted the tree. Any suggestions? I water everyday since it is now hot in Arizona. Thank you.

Hi Ernie
I do think you rose is heat stressed. Could you give it some shade during the hottest hours of the day? An umbrella would be good.

You most likely should water twice a day now, morning and evening.
Add a 3 inch layer of mulch around the base of the rose.

Do not feed the rose until cooler weather in the fall.
Your Double Delight hybrid tea rose is trying to conserve energy now, so it will not flower much, if at all.
Smaller blooms are a result of energy loss due to the heat.
Here is my page about growing roses in Arizona.
You might have read it, but maybe someone else would like to read it.
Finally I would like to say your Double Delight tree rose don't look all that bad.
You must be doing a good job.
Best Regards,

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