Burgundy Iceberg Rose

Burgundy Floribunda Rose

The burgundy iceberg rose is a new, and very thought after, variety of the white iceberg roses, which are the most popular floribunda roses in the USA.

Burgundy roses are all the rage now, because they look so dramatic in the garden, especially if planted with the white iceberg floribunda roses.

They will make a stunning display in your garden.

burgundy iceberg-rose

The picture above taken in my garden shows how well this burgundy rose looks when planted with light grey plants. A great color combo!

'Burgundy Iceberg' flowers from late spring to late summer, and it's a very prolific bloomer.

However, in warm climate zones, such as Southern California where I live, it will flower much earlier.

I garden in Los Angeles and 'Burgundy Iceberg' roses start blooming in February here.

The growth habit is upright to about 2.5 t0 5 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide.

It will flower the first year and repeat bloom all season long.

I recommend applying rose fertilizer after each bloom cycle to speed up re-blooming.

The flower color has shadings of dark burgundy and purple which is very lovely.

The beautiful rose buds are oval and pointed and when they open will give off a strong honey fragrance.

'Burgundy iceberg' needs to grow where it will have full sun, at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day, to flower the best.

The soil requirements are moist, fertile, loamy soil that drains well.

It's very resistant to rose diseases and also very heat tolerant, so if you garden in a hot climate such as Arizona, you should consider planting this rose bush.

burgundy icebergg rose

Close-Up Of 'Burgundy Iceberg' Rose Blooms

Burgundy Iceberg™ Floribunda Rose
Burgundy Iceberg™ Floribunda Rose
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Use this burgundy rose plant in your flower borders and beds.

The flower clusters are also wonderful as cut flowers, especially if paired with white roses.

This burgundy iceberg floribunda rose will most likely be your best performing and most trouble free rose plant variety in your garden.

Hardeiness zones 5-9.


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